The Wine Store

At Veritas we see wine as a versatile but essential component of any meal. Whether it’s going to be the centerpiece of a lovingly prepared dinner with friends or something to keep in the fridge, picking the perfect bottle of wine is important. We stock our racks with wine that we love, old favorites and new or exciting offerings that we’re always excited to chat about and send home with you . You can take home a mixed case or pop open a bottle right then and there. We know these wines well and are eager to share them with you. That’s why we select a new batch of wines every week to serve by the glass; some are selected to pair with that weekend’s menu, some because we just can’t stop talking about them. For those who like trying new wines as much as we do, we offer a complimentary tasting to our dinner guests every Thursday night, and, of course, there’s the unparalleled benefits of our VIN membership program.