Chef Mathis Stitt

Chef Mathis Stitt’s interest in food started at a very young age.  Born to parents who were self-admittedly ‘food focused,‘ they dragged Mathis to fabulous markets, independent butchers and fresh bakeries in Cleveland, Ohio before he could even walk.  They made sure he and his brother’s childhoods were filled with great restaurants, delicious BBQ, visits to local farms and plenty of meals at independent diners and out of the way eateries in Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas before settling in St. Louis in the mid 1990’s. But his deep appreciation of gastronomy most probably came from the many enjoyable hours with friends and family at big tables covered with  countless platters of carefully prepared, delicious food during visit after visit after visit to family in Alabama.


Mathis didn’t know he wanted to be a chef when his parent’s opened Veritas. But as the food program started to develop in then 'wine shop turned restaurant,’ it started to become clear that when he went into the kitchen, something very special would be coming out soon. His appetite for restaurant kitchens whetted, Mathis decided to head elsewhere to hone his skills, making stops at the New England Culinary Institute, The Little Nell in Aspen and of course plenty of time at a couple of his Uncle’s restaurants in Birmingham.


When he returned to St. Louis, Veritas was already becoming an exciting culinary destination. A place where the menu changed weekly, where creativity bleed into tradition seamlessly. He brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and the energy and determination to keep Veritas growing and developing.


So come experience what one St. Louis food writer called, "a talent to be reckoned with." We think you'll be pleased.