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Veritas Gateway to Food & Wine Veritas didn't start as a restaurant. The Stitt family first conceived it as a place in West County where people of similar mindset could gather. People who cared deeply about food and wine. People who viewed the dinner table as a gathering place that you shared with friends and family. It was to be a place to shop, to learn, to discuss, and yes to eat. But a restaurant? No.

But from the start the concept took on a life of its own. A kitchen was added. Then the weekly wine bars began. Thursdays extended to Fridays and then to Saturdays and more new friends kept coming. And suddenly we ended up as one of West County's best loved restaurants. Yes.

Now 13 years later, Veritas is a very different place. We're in a special new location, serving lunch and dinner four days a week plus Sunday Brunch, and with a full bar and our own food products... But one thing hasn't changed, we still want to be a gathering place for food lovers.

So stop by for a bottle of wine, to pick up a fabulous gift for a friend, host a unique private event or talk to Chef Mathis or one of our chefs while they prepare your dinner.  We want you to feel like you're sitting down to the table with us… Come for a visit.

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Chef Mathis Stitt

Chef Mathis Stitt’s interest in food started at a very young age. Born to parents who were self-admittedly “food focused” they dragged Mathis to fabulous markets, independent butchers and fresh bakeries in Cleveland, Ohio before he could even walk. They made sure he and his brother’s childhoods were filled with great restaurants, delicious BBQ, visits to local farms and plenty of meals at independent diners and out of the way eateries in Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas before settling in St. Louis in the mid 1990s. But his deep appreciation of gastronomy most probably came from the many enjoyable hours with friends and family at big tables covered with countless platters of carefully prepared, delicious food during visit after visit to family in Alabama.

Mathis didn’t know he wanted to be a chef, but ss the food program at Veritas developed, it started to become clear that when he went into the kitchen, something very special would be coming out.

His appetite for restaurant kitchens whetted, Mathis decided to head elsewhere to hone his skills, making stops at the New England Culinary Institute, The Little Nell in Aspen and at a couple of his Uncle’s restaurants in Birmingham.

Returning to St. Louis, he brought with him a wealth of knowledge and experience and the energy and determination to keep Veritas growing and developing.

So come experience what one St. Louis food writer called, "a talent to be reckoned with." We think you'll be pleased.

Chef Mathis

Chef Mathis

The Stitt Family

Members of the Stitt family are the concept creators, founders and owners of this west St. Louis County business that has grown from a simple wine and specialty gift shop opened in 2004 into a Casual Fine Dining restaurant, Wine and Gift Shop with an excellent reputation.

New England Culinary School trained Chef Mathis has full responsibility for the food - from sourcing to plating and everything between. His Fine Dining Menus are created new each week and take full advantage of the best local, seasonal, produce available.

Lifelong Wine Lover David makes all wine decisions, what to bring in, what to pour and what to include in tastings. Because of his knowledge, Veritas wines represent a well selected collection of the best available from not only across our country but around the globe.

Stephanie, with the support of husband David, son Mathis and all the terrific team members that make Veritas all that it is - invites you to come see for yourself.

The Stitt Family

The Stitt Family

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